.. so a few $100 Sri Lankan Rupee was well worth the photos. The funny thing was I was concentrating on taking photos and walk straight in to the ocean with my shoes on. The locals gave me a bucket of fresh water, Wash the feet wash the shoes and then we were off for the long drive back to Colombo


... there in Sri Lanka. It is a paradox. It is there because all the locals might mention it sooner or later. They might have lost someone or they know one who did. But in another way, it is not there: hotels have been rebuilt, the beach industry is stronger than ever, tourists arrive in ...

Getting off a bus that had made our bums completely numb and our ears completely deaf for the last five or six hours was a relief that only Paul and I can understand... We had gotten a tuk tuk with our rucksacks in tow to the surf shop that morning to return our boards, walked around aimlessly for half an hour waiting for the bus ("it will come some time after 11, no there is no bus stop, wave him, you choose where"), then in fairly swift succession, three buses drove ...

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Among the interesting things in the area are the stilt fishermen, men who stand on poles in the water to catch fish. Nowadays, however, the few who are out on the poles are only doing so for tourist baksheesh. We did see other shore fishing, though, that included large numbers of men pulling loaded nets onto shore using lots of muscle ...

Headed to Aramasinghs for breakfast - just had eggs and toast as stomach still not good, Em tried string hoppers which was like noddles made from wheat flour in the shape of whitebait patties?! Served with Dahl and chilly curry not sure if I would fancy it or not lol. Went to the beach it was beautiful! Crystal clear and so hot. Didn't even have to pay for a lounger either. Got a bit sunburnt so went home then started to rain but had to head 10mins into ...

Ramiro Calle - su experiencia en Barberyn Beach Resort.
Ramiro Calle - su experiencia en Barberyn Beach Resort.
The Barberyn Beach Ayurvedha Resort, Weligama, Sri lanka
The Barberyn Beach Ayurvedha Resort, Weligama, Sri lanka
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