Three people get stressed at work, one has a nervous breakdown, one has a heart attack and the other develops diabetes. Why do three different people on the same exercise program get three completely different results? Have you ever wondered why any of the millions of diets that have been invented, none ever work for everyone?

In fact, if you looked closely, you would find that any diet or exercise regime etc, works great for about one third of the population, is averagely successful for another third, and for the other third, they are downright damaging to one’s health. Why is this so?

Because we are all DIFFERENT!

Now this is blatantly obvious, and you and everyone else already knows that. Strangely though, when it comes to diets, supplements, health and exercise programs etc, most people (and experts) tend to search for some universal remedy that is right for everyone.

What’s missing is a comprehensive system of understanding of how we are all different…and most importantly, what specific foods, exercise and daily/seasonal routines are right/balancing for you.

The ancient & eternal science of Ayurveda does just that, through it’s timeless understanding of what’s called ‘the doshas’.

The Ayurvedic Doshas - The Missing Link to ‘Individualising Health-Care’

According to Maharishi Ayurveda„¢ (the modern revival of Ayurveda, which I trained in), each one of us is comprised of a unique mix of three mind/body principles which are responsible for our ‘unique’ physical, mental and emotional characteristics.

These doshas are the ‘governing principles’ of ‘Intelligence’ that literally govern everything in the universe…and therefore each one of us…including you!

Vata, Pitta & Kapha

The three doshas are known as Vata, Pitta, & Kapha. Understand these 3 doshas and how to influence them and you literally hold the reins of
life in your hand. As the doshas govern ‘everything’, if you know how to balance them, you can eliminate ill-health, create perfect balance and therefore enjoy ideal health…without any need for an ‘external expert, doctor, guru or anyone/anything outside your own ‘Self’.

How It All Works:

According to Ayurveda, everything is comprised of different proportions of five fundamental elements - space, air, fire, water and earth.


‘Airy (’Windy’): Vata is dominantly expressed as ’space and air’ and is responsible for all ‘communication and movement’. It’s qualities are light, dry, changeable, quick, cold & subtle…like the ‘wind’.


‘Fiery’: Pitta is dominantly expressed as fire and a little bit of water. Pitta governs all ‘energy and transformation’ in our bodies and the universe. Its qualities are like fire - hot, intense, sharp, dynamic, sour/acidic, related to colour (red, orange, yellow etc).


‘Earthy’: Kapha is dominantly expressed as water and earth. As such it is almost the exact opposite of Vata dosha. It is heavy, slow, non-changing, sweet and moist/unctuous/oily. Kapha governs all ’structure and lubrication’.


While each of us has some of each dosha (you couldn’t live without all the doshas being present), the proportion of the doshas in your ‘make-up’ will be different from those around you. Your individual mix of doshas is called your ‘Prakriti’. It’s your individual/unique ‘mind-body’ make-up or constitution - your essential ‘Nature’ to be precise.

Are You a Vata predominant?

If you are dominated by vata, you will naturally,

  • be more light, quick, entusiastic, fun
  • have a lighter/slimmer build
  • be more changeable, versatile and creative by nature
  • have a tendency towards dry hair, dry skin & light/interrupted sleep
  • have a delicate appetite/digestion that can be easily disturbed
  • love change and movement (travel, dancing…not sitting still!!!)
  • like to talk/communicate/express…chat, gossip etc!!!
  • get enthusiastic about new things but change your mind/mood easily
  • be a bit of a ‘daydreamer’, but also the ‘life of the party’.

You probably find it hard to gain weight, to sleep deeply, or to stick at the same thing for a long time. You may have a tendency towards cracking joints, wind or bloating and you dislike cold or windy conditions.

Your work/vocation will likely involve being; in something more creative or involving communication, travel (movement) or people - an artist, dancer, flight attendant, receptionist, entertainer, an ‘ideas person’ etc.

I described the vata’s first, because otherwise you would have got bored & fluttered off to read something else!

Are You Pitta predominant?

If you are pitta predominant, you will naturally,

  • be more fiery, dynamic, focused, competitive
  • have a medium (possibly muscular) build
  • have blond/white, reddy, golden, grey or receding hair
  • have a sharp mind and strong intellect
  • have skin that is generally more sensitive, maybe freckly and burns easily
  • have a strong appetite and digestive system - you love eating and get irritable/’angry’ if a meal is late
  • like order, systems and ‘having lists’!!!
  • be motivated, passionate and have strong drive about something
  • be more likely to get ulcers…and to give other people ulcers
  • be a bit perfectionistic, be conscious of your image and have a ‘healthy ego’

Your work/vocation will likely involve being; a businessperson/entreprenaur, an athlete, self-employed, in something combative (police, army etc), highly intellectual (science, physics etc), sales/marketing, leadership, a ‘get the job done’ type role.

Source: nourishedmagazine.com.au
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