Indian Ayurveda Weight Loss

Treating the Root Cause of Weight Gain and Obesity

Step 1: Diagnose Ayurveda Body Type

Step 2: Treatment Plan to Eliminate Toxins, Fat,
& Imbalances

Step 3: Customize Ayurvedic Weight Loss Diet and Daily Routine

Step 4: Improve Digestion to Lose Weight

Ayurveda Reveals Root Cause of Weight Gain

Ayurveda Weight Loss and Dieting Wisdom

Ayurvedic wisdom reveals that unless weight loss is part of a holistic health plan, the underlying imbalances will remain and the weight will return since research shows that traditional dieting actually increases the hormones that stimulate us to eat.

In order to be fit and healthy on an ongoing basis, each person must know their body type, know how different foods and routines effect their body, mind, and emotions, and know how to bring themselves back into alignment with their nature and their environment.

Ayurveda Tips for Weight Loss

Go to Bed Early: "Early to bed, Early to rise, Makes a Man Healthy, Wealthy, and Thin?"
Recent studies have also shown that those who consistently go to bed late put on weight. Remember, Stay up Late = Get Fat!

Eat at Noon: Research has pointed to findings that eating at the wrong time, e.g. late at night, may lead to weight gain. Ayurveda suggests that the biggest meal should be eaten at midday when the digestion is strongest.

Improve Digestion: Poor digestion creates toxins and impurities which contribute to weight gain.

50% Less Toxins After 5 Days

Eliminating Environmental Toxins

Environmental toxins have been recognized as major contributors to treatment-resistant obesity by altering the functioning of the neuro-endocrine system. Removal of these toxins helps bring the body back into balance and may be an effective treatment for chronic weight gain.

Many of these toxic chemicals are fat-soluble: this means they adhere to our fat tissues - and can stay there for up to 30 years! When we lose weight, these toxins are released into our system, which can cause future complications.

50% in 5 days

The Raj Authentic Ayurvedic treatment programs have been scientifically shown to remove up to 50% of these dangerous toxins within a 5-day program. No other methods have been shown to remove this class of fat-soluble toxins like DDT and PCB's from the body. This is the ideal way to begin any weight-loss program.

How Ayurveda Helps To Improve Your Digestion:

  • Use of spices, oils and herbs
  • Foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • A simple system for a balanced diet
  • Foods which enhance or depress digestion
  • Eating habits for best digestion
  • Good food combinations
  • Exercise

One of the most serious side effects of weight gain is the accumulation of damaging toxins in the body. According to Ayurveda, almost every major disease is caused primarily by toxins and blocked circulation.

Rejuvenation Therapy at The Raj is a powerful deep cleansing and healing experience:

  • Authentic Ayurveda herbal oil massage
  • Internal cleaning therapies
  • Stress management to improve eating habits
  • Daily and seasonal Ayurveda lifestyle support
  • Ayurveda herbs for digestion, metabolism and detox
  • Yoga and breathing techniques
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