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Pitta is principle of heat, digestion and all transformation in the body. Pitta is the acid secretion from the stomach, bile from the liver, and inflammation. Pitta sweat is sour causing body odor. Pitta is the color of the eyes and Pitta people dream in color. Pitta also colors the skin and makes freckles and red hair. In the body, the element of fire always comes with water. Pitta is both. Pitta sense is vision but Pitta also has a strong sense of smell.

  • Sharp, intelligent mind
  • Bright, colorful eyes
  • Rosy cheeks
  • Judgmental, Critical
  • Ambitious, Workaholic
  • Yellow or Red Eyes
  • Body Odor, Acid Reflux
  • Hair Loss
  • Ulcer or acid reflux
  • Bleeds or bruises easily
  • Nearsighted, sensitive to light, migraines
  • Judgemental, critical
  • Any inflammation or sharp pain.
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Go to bed before 10pm
  • Increase bitter, astringent or sweet taste.
  • Avoid heat, intensity & overexertion.
  • Take time off to enjoy life
  • Take a break from mental activity
  • Avoid self-criticism, criticism of others

Pitta happens in the middle. Pitta is naturally increased during the middle of life, the year, the day, and the middle of digestion.

Adulthood (Puberty - 50s) - Rebellious teenagers with acne are a book picture of high Pitta. With adulthood come responsibility, ambition, and organization.

Summer - Pitta gets high in the summer due to heat and bright light of the sun. The blood vessels become dilated and the skin sweats.

Noon and Midnight - Two hours before and after 12:00, Pitta becomes high in the stomach leading to increased acid secretions. At midnight the liver also becomes active for cleansing. This "second wind" is for our organs, but many Pitta people steal the second wind for their mind.

2-4 hours after a meal - In the sour phase of digestion, Pitta people will notice a slight stinging in the eyes. Many people crave dessert during the sour phase because high acidity in the body makes them uncomfortable.

Small Intestine - The small intestine holds food until it has been fully digested. If digestion is slow or weak, metabolic wastes from growing colonies of bacteria cause buildup of acidity. The body responds by increasing Pitta dosha.

Pitta Aggravating FoodsStomach - Hydrochloric acid is sharp, breaking up food particles. If the mucous lining of the stomach is too thin, an ulcer can develop.

Sweat and sebaceous glands - Body odor is Pitta and a sign of poor digestion. When digestion is strong, body odor and bad breath disappear.

Blood - When Pitta is high in the small intestine, it gets absorbed through the lining of the GI tract into the blood. Pitta in the blood causes rashes, fever and irritability,

Eye - When Pitta enters the blood or the liver is weakened, eyesight deteriorates. Many Pitta types wear glasses. Other signs are inflamed or yellow eyes.

Skin - Pitta in the blood causes a rash, eczema and psoriasis. Clearing the blood and the liver is a classic Ayurvedic remedy.

Mind - When the liver and blood are toxic, the mind gets irritable and concentrated. Pitta people love to study after midnight. But concentration is exclusionary. Concentration takes effort. But awareness is inclusive, effortless and open. It receives everything without judgment. It is simply a witness to 'what is.'

Pitta people cannot tolerate disorder. They love to clean. The spices are arranged by name and the socks by color.

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I am confused. When you say balancing the three doshas do you mean that the ideal for a person would be a balance bet VATA-PITTA-KAPHA. In my case I have 5 Vata 29 Pitta and 13 Kapha.

- sanda, Miami, FL, 08-12-12 (Reply)Everyone has a unique constitution. When doshas are aggravated, we might have more Vata, Pitta or Kapha than normal. The idea is to get your doshas back to your unique normal levels.
I'm Pitta but let's say I have symptoms of aggravated Vata...Then I should eat food that will pacify Vata? But wouldn't this food aggravate Pitta? How does it work?
- Corinne, CA, 10-01-12 (Reply)That's my same confusion about this and blood type diet... Research is always best for me..
I am under the care of an M.D. who practices Ayurveda. He diagnosed me as Pitta after exhaustive questioning, feeling of my pulse, looking at my eyes, nails, etc. Yes, I am a true Pitta and have my closet and drawers organized by season and color.
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