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About the author:
Matthew Remski is an Ayurvedic practitioner and educator. He lives in Toronto with his partner and child.

a manual in progress

Authored by Matthew Remski
Edition: 1

Studying Ayurveda: a Manual in Progress is a 12-module guide designed to support students in becoming proficient in Ayurvedic worldview and practice. It's a required text for all students of Matthew Remski's Ayurveda courses consisting of more than one day, and a recommended supplement to shorter courses as well. Those who are not enrolled in a course can also find these notes very helpful, but should be aware that the manual's content is enriched by in-person or online lecture presentations and discussion, slides and online quizzes.

Notes are presented in bullet-point form. The modules are:

1. Ayurveda Basics
2. Elements, Gunas, Samkhya Correlations
3. The Dhatus/Doshas as Psychosomatic Forces
4. How the Dhatus Influence Individual Identity
5. Agni, the Root of Digestion
6. Ayurvedic Diet
7. Tissues, Wastes, and Essential Vitality
8. The Five Functions of Prana
9. Optimizing the Breath
10. Daily Routine
11. Cleansing-Daily, Seasonal, Lifetime
12. The Life Cycle

The manual includes the full bibliography of the rich sources that have heavily influenced this material: works by Frawley, Johari, Kacera, Lad, Pole, Tiwari, Ranade, Sharma, Svoboda, Verma, and dozens of other practitioners and scholars. Also included are edited versions of three ground-breaking essays from 2013-2014:

"Recovering the Era of Water Medicine"
"Ayurveda Is a Political Practice, Part one: Economic justice"
"Ayurveda and the Accusation of Pseudoscience"

Past students of Matthew's trainings and seminars have said the following:

Matthew Remski's approach to Ayurveda is simultaneously pragmatic, poetic, reverent, critical, and honestly quite brave. He is willing to question dogma while cherishing the spirit of Ayurvedic inquiry, and his teaching emboldens me to do the same.

- Nick Beem E-RYT500, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist & Group Facilitator

From our first online course, I knew I had found a teacher worth "tuning in" to. Matthew Remski's online course is perfect if you'd like to move beyond the surface and eradicate confusion. While I have studied with Ayurvedic physicians and consultants over the years, Matthew Remski expresses a fresh voice on ancient wisdom. His teaching is clear, accessible, and approachable for modern day body/minds. If you are considering an online course, I highly recommend that you block the time and participate "live" rather than review the recording later. Be prepared to be challenged and fully dive into the homework and quizzes. Your presence, focused attention, and skillfully applied effort will be rewarded with a fuller appreciation and understanding of Ayurveda. The best outcome will be your ease of application of Ayurveda's wisdom in your daily life.

- Lisa Long E-RYT 500

In a world that too often emphasizes busy work schedules, imbalance and disconnection, I found that Everyday Nectar offered concrete and practical ways to retune my awareness towards health and wholeness. I think it would be impossible to be unchanged by the course learning. There are opportunities to make the simple adjustments in your day-to-day experience that may have significant health benefits. Matthew is a caring, knowledgable teacher that creates space for a warm, nourishing inquiry into how ayurveda can positively support our human experience.

- Kelly Anderson, MD

Matthew brings a rare intelligence and poetic sensibility to his teaching of Ayurveda. Always attentive to modern applications and contemporary context, his classes encompass a riveting dialogue between different times, places and ways of knowing. He makes Ayurveda feel at once intuitive and familiar, while at the same time, offering it as a way think about and experience the the world in radical new ways.

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