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This Quiz determines your Ayurvedic Body Type - Pitta, Vata, or Kapha. Answer the questions then scroll down and hit the "Find Body Type" button and your Ayurvedic body type will appear in the text window at the bottom of the page.

Where can I find Ayurvedic herbs?

Depak Chopra is one of the best sources of information on Ayurveda. His store has many great products. I particularly like his teas - one for each Ayurvedic body type.

Michael Tierra has developed a line of Auyrvedic Formulas under the Planetary Formulas brand name. I think that the fiber formula with triphala is quite good. It's avaliable from

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The Ayurvedic Body Type quiz was written in JavaScript by Dr. Ronald Steriti, NMD, PhD. Dr. Ron is a naturopathic medical doctor who uses botanical medicine, clinical nutrution and classical homeopathy. Dr. Steriti specializes in natural health consultations over the telephone. He has helped clients from as far away as California, British Columbia, Virginia, and Colorado. He has a warm style of talking and many people find it easy to talk with him. If you have a health problem and are in need of professional advice on natural alternatives, call him at (239) 659-2684.
Ayurvedic Emotional Body Type
Ayurvedic Emotional Body Type
Secrets of Ayurvedic Medicine: What Your Body Type is
Secrets of Ayurvedic Medicine: What Your Body Type is ...
Short Video on Ayurvedic Body Typing
Short Video on Ayurvedic Body Typing
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