Ayurvedic yoga massage is a rare and unique form of yoga-based body-work developed in Pune, India. It emerged as a development of Iyengar Yoga, a branch of yoga familiar to the west with its emphasis on correct alignment and remedial properties. Master Kusan Modak, one of Iyengar's chief disciples, recognized and developed in particular the remedial benefits of certain stretches, developing a rehabilitation technique that combines elements of massage, yoga stretches and deep breath-work.

BKS Iyengar had already introduced to yoga practice the possibility of finding the alignment through the use of props. A strap, block, chair or wall can be used with discernment to support the body, allowing the opening of the inner body, promoting the correct flow and release of energy. Fundamental to this approach is the art of relaxation – "Yoga is relaxation in motion" says Iyengar. Not merely gymnastics, yoga asanas evolved over centuries to promote health, reduce fatigue and keep the body free from disease.

Wisdom of Yoga

The evolution of Ayurvedic yoga massage called upon the ancient wisdom of this yoga tradition. Recognizing that this relaxed release of energy flow is fundamental to the tremendous feeling of wellbeing that results from correct yoga practice, Master Kusan Modak began to transform the practice, marrying it to her in-depth knowledge of traditional Ayurvedic massage techniques. She realized further that the yoga practitioner can achieve more flexibility and range in the stretches when the body is completely relaxed and passive; in this way the therapist administering the treatment becomes the 'prop', aiding correct and deep release into the stretches.

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