Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Preface to the First Edition

“Study the past if you would define the future”
- Confucius

“In order to protect the future it is wise to understand the past”
- Mahatma Gandhi

‘Hand Book of History of Ayurveda’ published during 2004, reprinted in the year 2006 & 2007 has witnessed overwhelming response from student community. Keeping in view the changed CCIM Curriculum we felt the necessity of editing the subject material and made an attempt to enlarge several chapters.
In the chapter on ‘Vedic Period, ’ list of herbs mentioned in those scriptures are added. Two lists are separately provided for medicinal plants of Bible and Islamic tradition. The chapter on ‘Nighantus’ is separated and enlarged sufficiently.
In the chapter entitled ‘Development of Ayurveda after Independence, ’ the more relevant information regarding the Department of AYUSH, CCIM, RAV, CCRAS and the research activities being carried out is furnished. The guidelines for writing the scientific paper along with the profiles of research are given. The brief biography of contemporary scholars and scientists of Ayurveda are incorporated in the chapter entitled Authors of Ayurveda in the Modern Period. Subject wise reference books written according to CCIM curriculum, which are currently available, are also mentioned in this chapter.
A separate chapter i.e. number 19 has been allocated for incorporating important essay questions, short questions and M.C.Q.s’ for the benefit of the students. The more number of illustrations related to historical events and towering personalities in the field of Ayurveda are also furnished for bringing better awareness about the topics under discussion.
In the annexure ‘Standard Reference Works of Ayurveda’, ‘Alternative medical systems’, ‘Milestones in Medicine’, ‘Research & Conservation of Medicinal Plants’, ‘Details of Prestigious Ayurvedic Institutions of India’, ‘Popular Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Companies of India’, ‘List of Ayurvedic Colleges, U.G. & P.G’ etc. are incorporated. The information displayed in the net about various organizations, institutions, companies and other industries have been utilized while compiling the respective topics.
This book is edited keeping in view of the needs of Undergraduate students and Postgraduate scholars of Ayurveda and hope they fully utilize the furnished information. Our special thanks are due to M/S Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series, Varanasi for requesting us to edit and enlarge the book in view of its popularity.

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