12 Dec 2013

145 Evanson St
Winnipeg Manitoba R3G2A1
204 990-5122

My name is Jake (Jacqueline). Yoga has been my physical and spiritual practice since I was 14 years old. I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training certification with Integrative Yoga Therapy. I recently received training to teach yoga nidra through the Center of Timeless Being, in California. My practice and teaching style are inspired by thekosha model: a multi-faceted perspective of the person. I also integrate Ayurveda, and some subtler aspects of yoga from the tantric tradition such as: mudra, mantra, chakras, subtle pranayama and yoga nidra. Yoga Nidra is a meditative practice of self-inquiry into the levels of being, revealing pure Awareness. This exquisitely subtle practice can be done privately or in a group setting.

Offers classes & workshops in:

Bandha, Basic, Hatha, Jnana, Kundalini, Mantra, Meditation, Mudra, Mantra, Raja

Additional information

I may be the teacher for you if you are interested in deepening your yoga practice, are looking for private classes, for you alone or amongst friends (girls' night out?). Yoga Nidra is also a powerful practice to uncover the ground of Being that underlies our physical, energetic, cognitive and personal qualities. Fees: $36/ hour session (Fee divided amongst friends. Maximum of 4)

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