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The disease affecting one or more than one joints, gout happens to be a physiological condition involving inflammation of the affected joints leading to piercing pain. Caused by an excess of uric acid in bloodstream; gout leads to inflammation and pain on account of the crystallization of uric acid around the joints. Basically, gout is of two kinds- chronic and acute. Resulting from the accumulation and crystallization of uric acid, gout of 'acute' type usually affects one particular joint; whereas in cases of chronic gout more than one particular joint may be affected. As part of chronic gout; the sufferer may come under several spells of painfully severe attacks.

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Generally afflicting men and, women after menopause, it tends to affect those susceptible to alcohol and medications based on "Hydrochlorothiazide". This excruciatingly painful disease however has a number of home based remedial measures.

  • In cases of severe spells of repeated attacks; diet rich in animal protein should be avoided because red meat, organs of animals and those high in oil content aggravate the conditions of gout.
  • Similarly alcoholic beverages should also be avoided. Both alcohol and animal protein contribute to the accumulation of uric acid.
  • The citric acid content of lime serves to neutralize excess uric acid in blood stream; the most important element contributing to the occurrence of gout. So daily consumption of water enriched with squeezed juice of half a lemon proves counterproductive from the point of view of gout.
  • Likewise, the malic acid of apple is also beneficial for joint/joints affected by gout. The mentioned acid also neutralizes the excess uric acid. A patient suffering from it is advised to consume one apple on a regular basis.
  • Banana is also effective and can be included in ones diet during the therapeutic stage. Cherries both sweet and sour may be consumed before breakfast to counter the inflammatory conditions of gout. The 'anthocyanins' content of cherries serve to heal the leading symptoms of painful inflammations and joint tenderness. Colored grapes, raspberries and black berries are also beneficial.
  • Consumption of cherry juice enriched with a few cloves of minced garlic will work against inflammation and joint tenderness.
  • As part of naturally effective treatment of this immensely painful disease, patients are often advised to embark upon a fruit based diet without involving any other food items such as poultry, processed and refined food and beverages including tea and coffee.
  • In fact, naturopathic remedial process has revealed that patients fasting merely on orange juice and water have shown significant improvement upon their existing conditions of pain and inflammation.
  • Besides juicy and citrus fruits; certain vegetables also have curative role to play in the treatment of gout. Half a glass measure of juice extracted from French beans may be regularly consumed by patients affected by gout.
  • Equally beneficial is the regular consumption of juice made out of carrot, cucumber and beet root. At least hundred milliliters of the amalgam can be taken regularly as part of one of the natural remedial options.
  • Usually affecting the toe joint; patients affected with acute gout are often advised to take hot foot bath in water enriched with Epsom salt. In case the conditions affecting more than one joint regular bathing in luke warm water with dashes of Epsom salt proves to be relieving.
  • Application of cold compress and packs to the painfully inflammated joints may also prove to be soothing and relieving. A sheet of disinfected clothe may be filled with crushed ice to be applied on the painful joint when a patient comes under the bout of sudden and excruciatingly painful attack. But frequent application of ice packs should be avoided because excess exposure to the fall in temperature also accounts for crystallization of uric acid.
  • In place of either hot or cold packs; a pack made out of mustard powder, wheat flour and sufficient amount of water can be made to be applied as a thick jelly to the affected areas. You may use cotton or gauze to apply the prepared jelly.
  • Application of tolerably warm castor oil either with cotton ball or flannel coat on the affected joint is one of the remedial options.
  • Certain herbs with their anti inflammatory properties such as ginger root, capsicum, devil's claw and licorice help to relieve pain. Half a tea spoon of powdered ginger root may be mixed with one cup of boiling water to be consumed regularly. It will go a long way in ensuring relief from pain and inflammation.
  • For relief from pain two tea spoon full measures of cider vinegar and raw honey may be consumed. The anti inflammatory property of honey and malic acid content of apple vinegar will work together to ensure relief.
  • It is imperative that one allows sufficient movement of all the joints to prevent the occurrence of gout because holding on to one position without making way for circulation and movement encourages gout.

Besides following the mentioned remedies, it is also important that one adopts a healthy and balanced diet and exercise regimen to prevent being afflicted with gout. In addition to brisk walking, relaxation techniques which dwell on deep inhaling and exhaling, offer sufficient protection against gout.


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