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Kaya Kalpa means rejuvenation of body and spirit and our professionally trained practitioners are dedicated to your well-being. We offer a variety of Ayurveda therapies, traditional massage and other body therapies to enhance your stay at Mount Madonna Center. Nestled among majestic oak and redwood trees, on 355 acres overlooking Monterey Bay, Kaya Kalpa Wellness Center offers an oasis for relaxation, health and nurturing.

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Kayakalpa Wellness Center will be closed from December 24th - December 27th
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Services are subject to practitioner availability.


Bask in the restorative benefits of this holistic health science from ancient India. Choose one or several of these relaxing treatments:


A warm oil massage with sesame, sunflower or coconut oil. Abhyanga style massage works with the downward movement of prana (life force energy) making it deeply grounding and relaxing.
60 min - $110


Massage of back, hands and feet followed by warm oil gently poured over the forehead. It includes a heated ginger compress over the spine. Quiets the nervous system, deeply relaxing.
60 min - $115


50 minute abhyanga massage followed by herbal steam, barley flour exfoliation and dry brushing. Removes toxins by inducing sweat and refreshes the skin.
75 min - $125

* Review contraindications before scheduling this treatment.

Swedish Massage

Full body massage with warm oil using light to firm pressure. Restores and relaxes.
60 min - / 90 min - 5

Deep Tissue Massage

Focused on deeper layer of musculature utilizing firm to deep pressure with emphasis on areas of tension.
60 min - / 90 min - 5

Lymphatic Massage

Light and rhythmic strokes support the lymph system enhancing immune function and overall health.
60 min - / 90 min - 5

Trigger Point & Myofascial Release

Deep pressure to deactivate localized hypersensitivity within skeletal muscles, followed by gentle stretching of the elastic fiber of connective tissue.
60 min - / 90 min - 5

Hot Stone Massage*

Full body massage allowing heat from warm oil and hot stones to penetrate into the body.
60 min - / 90 min - 5

Soothing Additions

Extend your bliss. Supplement any of our full service treatments with one of these nurturing additions.

Warm oil gently poured over forehead.
30 min - $75

Herbal Steam

Warm steam bath with rosemary and eucalyptus. Detoxifies and promotes relaxation.
15 min - $25

Marma Point Face Massage

Warm oil massaged over vital facial energy points. Deeply calming and nurturing.
30 min - $35


Focused touch on points of the feet that affect organs and body systems.
30 min - $35


Essential oil is diffused into the massage oil and into the treatment room. Eases mental and physical tension. ($10)

Aromatherapy can enhance your massage experience, and allow the bodywork to penetrate deeply into the core of your being. We offer eight aromatherapy oils to entice your senses and relax your mind. These 100% essential oils are blended into the massage oil, as well as diffused into the air, to completely immerse you in their therapeutic benefits. You may choose one of these delicious fragrances and their property enhancing benefits:

Geranium – sweet, uplifting
Jasmine – romantic, anti-depressant
Lavender – calming, pain-relieving
Lotus – light, spiritual tranquility
Rose – floral, stress-reducing
Sandalwood – woody, grounding
Tulsi – basil earthy, anti-ageing
Wintergreen – minty, pain-numbing

Wellness Center Requests

  • We encourage you to schedule your appointment about two weeks in advance to ensure a practitioner is available for your particular request.
  • Phone and email messages are checked daily.
  • A scheduler will be present during Friday evening dinner and Saturday morning brunch in the lobby of the Community Building.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment.
  • Inquire about contraindications when scheduling your appointment.

Reception Desk Hours

Sunday & Monday

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
10:00 am - 12:30 pm & 2:00 - 5:00 pm at the Wellness Center


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