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What travellers are saying about this Hotel Experience scale
  • Excellent 7
  • Very Good 18
  • Good 9
  • Average 1
  • Below Average 2
  • Poor 0
  • Terrible 0
Average ratings on...
  • Destination 5.6/7
  • Location 5.5/7
  • Appearance 5.7/7
  • Front Office 5.3/7
  • Service 5.4/7
  • Room 5.4/7
  • Food & Drink 5.4/7
  • Activities 4.5/7

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Best positive review

I went with my friends, thoroughly enjoyed. I loved this place with food. I recommend this to others. The beach view from resort is awesome. It's good for a weekend plan. Rishikonda beach is not so far from this place. Food was very good along with the service.

  • Destination /7
  • Location 6/7
  • Appearance 6/7
  • Front Office 6/7
  • Service 6/7
  • Room 6/7
  • Food & Drink 7/7
  • Activities 6/7
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Best critical review

I stayed in Bay leaf resort recently for 2 nights (on 19th and 20th November 2015). The overall experience is very bad.

1. I booked Deluxe cottage through Makemytrip but ordinary cottage was given initially and when asked they changed to Deluxe one.

2. Rooms are very stuffy and linen was not clean.

3. Night lot of mosquitoes. Morning it was observed that the mosquito repellent refill was empty!

4. No hot water in the wash room. When asked they supplied hot water in a bucket.

5. Food quality in the restaurant is very bad.

6. The room surroundings are not clean.

7. Intercom was not working due to cable problem. When complained, it was repaired.

8. The mattress was not comfortable.

The tariff they charged (about Rs. 4000) is high but the services and infrastructure is very poor. I do not recommend this resort.

  • Location 5/7
  • Appearance 2/7
  • Front Office 2/7
  • Service 2/7
  • Room 2/7
  • Food & Drink 2/7
  • Activities 2/7

37 traveller reviews for Bayleaf Ayurveda Spa Resort

WRITE A REVIEW Kiran, Leelamanojkumar chilaka, Raja and 51 other people have rated this hotel.

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Bayleaf Ayurveda Spa Resort Overview

Jaabily Beach Inn Hotel is located in Collector's Office Down, Beach Road. The nearest Airport is in Vishakapatnam which is 30 kms away from the hotel. The nearest railway station is in Vishakapatnam and it is 3 kms away from the hotel. The hotel provide sight seeing packages to the tourists.

Rooms and Amenities at Bayleaf Ayurveda Spa Resort

There are 25 rooms, out of which 4 rooms are 6 bedded, 4 rooms are 4 bedded, 3 rooms are standard 5 bedded, 10 rooms are standard 2 bedded and an Ac 3 guest room. The amenities provided by Jaabily Beach Inn are Travel desk, Car rental, Conference hall, Laundry Service and Car parking. The hotel also has an In-house restaurant.

Facilities at a Glance
Car Rental Facility
Conference Facilities
Laundry Service
Parking Facility
Travel Desk

Bayleaf Ayurveda Spa Resort Address

Plot-A, Ocean Drive
Near Backside Gate
Sagar Nagar, Vishakapatnam
Andhra Pradesh - 530045

Bayleaf Ayurveda Spa Resort belongs to

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Bayleaf Ayurveda Spa Resort is located in the Beach Road part of Visakhapatnam. There are 37 traveller reviews for Bayleaf Ayurveda Spa Resort. The minimum tariff for Bayleaf Ayurveda Spa Resort is Rs.3, 000 and the maximum rate charged is Rs.3, 400.

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