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Profile photo of Rashmi VilasDid you know that Siddha Medicine is one of the most ancient systems of medicine known to mankind? The word ‘Siddha’ originates from the word ‘Siddhi’ which means perfection. Siddha Medicine aims at not only curing the ailment of the physical body, but also the soul, for attaining perfection. Siddha science strongly believes that, “what exists in the man is in the universe”. The contribution of Siddha literature, pharmaceutical preparations, and boundless therapies are highly acclaimed even in modern times.

More and more people are trying alternate medicines and therapies for better health. Now, people are looking for alternate healing methods for chronic ailments and non-communicable diseases. Hair loss is not really a disease, but is often the symptom of a disease. Conventional medicine often finds it difficult to treat problems, such as hair fall.

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Features Of Siddha Medicine:

  • Siddha medicine is a unique system compared to other systems of medicine.
  • Siddha has a holistic approach and is medicinally, spiritually and intellectually enriched.
  • Siddha medicine not only rejuvenates and revitalizes the body organs, but also ensures their normal functioning.
  • Siddha aims at keeping the four humors of the body in equilibrium. These are metabolic agents of the four elements of the human body. Siddha maintains their right balance for good health.
  • Siddha therapies can also treat chronic ailments like diabetes, psoriasis, sinusitis, hypertension, bronchial asthma etc.

Siddha Medicines For Hair Growth:

The best Siddha treatment for hair growth is regular application for Siddha hair oil for a period of about 6 months. Some of Tamil Siddha medicines for hair care are listed below:

1. Siddha Vaithiyam For Hair Growth:

This can be prepared by heating 10 – 12 lotus leaves over low heat and extracting the juice. Add this lotus leaf extract to about half a liter sesame oil or gingelly oil. Now, allow the mixture to boil over a medium heat. After 2-3 minutes, the extract blends with the oil and floats as a layer at the top.

2. Siddha Medicine For Hair Regrowth:

Combine 100 ml of fresh or commercial aloe vera juice with 3 teaspoon fenugreek seed powder. Add this mixture to half a liter coconut oil and allow it to a boil for 2-3 minutes. Regularly apply this oil for faster hair growth.

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3. Siddha Healthy Hair Remedy:

For those who have a busy lifestyle and do not have time for home preparation, commercial Siddha hair oil is readily available in the market. Take doctor’s recommendation for using the same.

4. Siddha Hair Wash Powder:

This works great for hair loss problems. Dry 100 gram soap nut or shikakai, 10 gram hibiscus leaves and 100 gram fenugreek seeds in direct sunlight. Dry roast them and grind them into a powder. Use this powdered mixture for hair wash twice a week. This is an excellent Siddha medicine for hair loss.

5. Siddha Treatment For Hair Growth:

Combine 1 liter coconut oil with 50 gram dry curry leaves powder. Boil this oil mixture for 5 minutes and allow it to cool. Use warm curry leaves oil at least once a week for massaging the scalp. This is one of the best Siddha treatments for hair growth.

6. Siddha Herbal Hair Oil:

Siddha herbal hair oil is a 100% Siddha medicine. It penetrates the hair follicles, rejuvenates them and stimulates hair growth. Siddha herbal hair oil relieves scalp dryness, itchiness and helps in dandruff control. This oil has no side effects and can be used by individuals by all irrespective of age.

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Benefits Of Siddha Medicine For Hair Growth:

Let’s know the benefits of Siddha medicine for hair growth:

  1. Prevents hair fall
  2. Aids new hair growth
  3. Helps in dandruff control
  4. Strengthens the hair roots
  5. Blackens grey hair up to certain extent

Siddha herbal hair oil is made by using fenugreek seeds, sesame oil, coconut oil, rose and many other rare herbal ingredients.

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