KARE has evolved through the inspired vision of Dr. Prakash Kalmadi, a practitioner of Western medicine for over three decades. He, after personally having experienced its spectacular effects has created a unique blend of Traditional Kerala Therapies, Iyengar Medical Yoga and Ayurvedic Diet for one’s optimum well being. The Rejuvenative journey begins with Traditional Ayurvedic Massages, Detoxifying Therapies, Individualized Nutritious Meals/Diet and the curative aspects of Iyengar Medical Yoga. This is aided by a highly qualified team of doctors, therapists, nutritionists and paramedics to ensure best methodical treatments.

Cottages with ethnic interiors allow residents a serene setting, with tastefully furnished modern amenities. Our staff ensures complete comfort, while one experiences the carefully-administered treatments that practitioners of Ayurveda have evolved through the ages.

KARE has an extensive library, indoor games and an outdoor walking track.

Nature lovers can trek up the hill to see the Ganesha temple and experience the breathtaking view at the top. They can also meet the village inhabitants who have been living there for centuries. Guests can also have an exhilarating walk to the lake.

There is a Durga Temple, Hanuman Temple & Shiva Temple on the premises. The spiritually inclined can join in the Satsang and Bhajans being held every Thursday & Friday.

Sight Seeing trips to view the Sunset point and the famous Tamhini Temple are organized for Guests staying for a week and more.

Pizhichil Ayurveda Ayurvedic therapy Kerala India
Pizhichil Ayurveda Ayurvedic therapy Kerala India
Why Use Kerala Ayurveda Limited Website?
Why Use Kerala Ayurveda Limited Website?
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