Ayurvedic Certification

September 2015 - Celebrating 7 years of Institute's Work Anniversary. (Total 10 years of Ayurveda Services in Pittsburgh USA)

We all feel blessed that our team of healers is growing with trust and support from our guests.

Our mission -

We look forward to assist our guests to come out of stuck patterns of chronic physical, mental and emotional imbalances, regain hope and faith to feel better and reverse to balanced health with natural, organic Ayurvedic Integrative Wellness and Healing program. Thanks for the opportunity to serve beautiful souls. Namaste.

Ayurveda Integrative Wellness Institute is the first and only authentic Ayurveda Wellness Organization in Pittsburgh and the tri-state region. Opened in 2010 by Dr. (Vaidya) Lina Thakar, our facility is located in a spacious 3, 000 sq ft facility 10 minutes west of downtown Pittsburgh and 10 miles from the Pittsburgh International Airport. Our organization is affiliated with Allegheny General Hospital’s Integrated Medicine Program. We are a also preferred provider for UPMC Cancer Center Integrative Oncology program based at the Hillman Cancer Center. We received 3rd affiliation by Pituitary Nerwork Association (PNA) as Ayurveda provider for Integrative Medicine for Pituitary imbalances.

We offer traditional & classic Ayurvedic Integrative (Holistic) services that include Wellness consultations, and, Herbs, Nutrition, Meditation and Yoga.

Ayurveda Healing is the gentle, natural way of addressing underline root cause of imbalance, it can be safely included as an Integrative Wellness/Holistic approach to health care. Whether you are exploring natural approach to health care or experiencing a chronic imbalance, we will help you restore balance and reawaken your body’s natural healing mechanisms.

The scope of 'Ayurveda Wellnes' in USA -

Please note the scope of Dr. Vaidya Lina's work, as HOLISTIC HEALER involves recommendations on diet, lifestyle, detox (through oil application therapies) and stress management tools such as yoga and meditation as form of PRIMARY PREVENTION that promote Well -being. (Diet, Lifestyle and stress are root causes of imbalance and chronic conditions)

Source: www.ayurvedainpittsburgh.com
Eye Care - Treatment For Weak Eyesight
Eye Care - Treatment For Weak Eyesight
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Amla for Weak Eyesight | Improve Eyesight Naturally at Home
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