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Six Steps to Get Back To Good Health (Balanced Doshas)

Step 1: Determine Your Vikruti

Using the diagnostic tests given, determine your Vikruti. As mentioned in the discussion of your mind body constitution, Vikruti is an Ayurvedic concept that defines where you are now. If you are ill, your Vikruti will defer from your Prakruti, which defines your base mind body constitution. This imbalance need to be known, before an effective treatment strategy can be developed. Read the sections, Signs of Aggravated Dosha or Dosha Imbalance for vata, pitta and kapha doshas. This will tell you which of your Dosha is aggravated and need balance. Another way to do this is by taking the HolisticOnLine diagnostic test. When answering the questions, concentrate on how you feel in the past week or so, or when you were not feeling good. How was your action. For example, normally you are calm and do not get excited easily. But you have noticed that in the last week or so, you get upset very easily or you get very argumentative. Answer the diagnostic test that you get excited or angry easily. Note down your vata, pitta and kapha score and mark it as your Vikruti. You will need this for step 3. We suggest that you do this Vikruti test once every 3 months like changing the oil in your car. This will foretell any signs of impending diseases and you can take proactive corrective actions by catching any imbalance in a timely manner.

Step 2: Determine your Prakruti

It is recommended that you balance your vata first, followed by pitta so fine-tune your system. If your dosha imbalance is severe, you may want to undergo a cleansing operation such as Panchakarma. You may also want to consider yoga, meditation or aromatherapy.

Step 5: Monitor your progress

Follow the dosha balancing practices recommended until the symptoms subside. Repeat the Vikruti test every 3 months to confirm the progress you are making.

Step 6: Maintain Balance

When your doshas are in balance, follow proper daily lifestyle recommendations given by Ayurveda. If old or symptoms appear, repeat the steps 1 to 5.

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